Home Healthcare Franchise


Thank you for your interest in Assisting Hands Home Care franchise. The opportunities in the in-home caregiving industry are strong. According to an October 2015 report on cnbc.com, “the so-called longevity economy, which serves the needs of Americans over 50, is currently a $7.1 trillion market.”  A few of the differentiating factors between Assisting Hands and other in-home caregiving franchises are:

  1. We care about and support our owners like a family
  2. Our yearly FEAR retreats are truly educational and adventurous
  3. What our owners say is important to us
  4. We provide tools to help you be successful

As a member of the International Franchise Association, we are able to gain knowledge of franchising used by 75 different industries, gain insights to new ideas that can be used to improve businesses, build relationships through networking with other members, and we have opportunities for advice, help, and problem-solving.

IFA represents its members on a wide range of small business issues, such as health care, litigation reform, minimum wage, and tax issues. Each year we participate in the Franchise Action Network and communicate directly with members of Congress on legislative issues.

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