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Why Did You Choose Assisting Hands?

Five franchise owners describe what they were looking for in a business and why they invested in Assisting Hands. Their answers may surprise you.

Meeting Our Franchisees Expectations?

Is reality living up to the expectations and objectives of our franchise owners? In this video you will get the answer from Assisting Hands owners as well as members of Assisting Hands national support team.


Rich Ueberfluss

As a physical therapist, Rich Ueberfluss saw first-hand the need for caregiving — someone to do medication reminders, someone to make sure they are eating correctly, someone to help monitor their chronic health conditions. That was the impetus to him becoming an Assisting Hands franchise owner in Chicago.

As a physical therapist, I can only do so much to strengthen people. If mentally, they’re not safe to be alone, they need a caregiver – someone to do medication reminders, someone to make sure they are eating correctly, someone to help monitor their chronic health conditions, and that’s what Assisting Hands does.

Rich Ueberfluss Chicago, Illinois

Judy Brady

Becoming a personal caregiver at Assisting Hands Home Care is more than just a job to our dedicated team of professionals. Our local owners have a personal connection to caregiving that led them to Assisting Hands. Judy Brady of Assisting Hands Newport Beach shares her story.

I became a widow and I ended up being responsible for my deceased husband’s parents, which made me realize that I had pretty high standards for what I wanted to hire and I couldn’t find anybody that met those standards.

Judy Brady Orange County, CA


Armando Morales

Hear why Miami franchise owner Armando Morales chose Assisting Hands after researching several senior care franchises. He experienced the need for home care with both his parents, which has a great impact on his family including his sister quitting her job to take care of their mother.

When I started researching with different companies and different franchises, I decided I wanted to go with Assisting Hands because Assisting Hands had the most through process in terms of making sure that the franchise owners are getting into the business because they like working with others, they are very ethical, they are committed to serving others, and you know they were going to do a good job to preserve the name of the company. That’s something different I saw with Assisting Hands versus the other companies.

Armando Morales Miami, Florida

Why Assisting Hands?


Tools For Success

Assisting Hands Home Care provides our franchise owners with tools for success. New technology allows franchisees to manage caregiver schedules, payroll and client paperwork real time, which allows our caregivers to focus on our clients and provide quality in-home care.


Assisting Hands creates a company culture by bringing franchise owners together for an annual retreat that allows them to network with other owners in both a professional and personal manner. FEAR (Franchise Education and Adventurous Retreat) happens every year in a new location.


Caregiver Priorities


Caregiver Training — Gail Stout

Assisting Hands Home Care takes pride in offering quality home care you can trust. Caregivers are the foundation of our business. Our certified, bonded and insured caregivers can help overcome the challenges you may face with compassion and skill.

Matching Caregivers To Clients — The Rowe’s

Assisting Hands Home Care goes to great lengths to match our caregivers to the special needs of our clients. Wanda and Buddy Rowe are extremely happy with their caregiver Barbara who feels like part of the family.


Creating The Perfect Match

Assisting Hands Home Care prides itself on taking a number of caregiver and client attributes and matching them appropriately. Assisting Hands caregiver Barbara understands with the Rowe family needs sometimes before they know. It’s a strong bond that makes caregiver and client relationships.

Hospital Readmissions


Addressing Hospital Readmissions

Attention hospital executives, discharge planners and social workers: Are hospital readmission penalties under the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) affecting your bottom line? Assisting Hands Home Care can address all four of the identified triggers that cause a patient to return to your facility within 30 days. These include

  1. lack of social support
  2. mismanagement of medication.
  3. not understanding the disease process
  4. missing follow up appointments.

Value Added Services


Value Added Services

When you have elderly parent, sons and daughters have many concerns to deal with. Assisting Hands Home Care is a home health care agency for seniors and the disabled, so they can remain safely and comfortably in their own homes. In addition to Assisting Hands home health care service, we offer medical alerts, remote video monitoring systems and medication dispensers, to name a few of the value added services. Sometimes life’s natural events like aging, illness, or a disability can make living independently at home more difficult. At Assisting Hands, we understand.

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Join our family of successful owners across 180 franchise locations!

Enjoy the freedom and flexibility that come with being your own boss. Join our family of successful owners across 180 franchise locations!